the journey begins


I am Shikha Sharma. This is the real name my parents have got me when I came to this world on 3rd January 1994. I am an  Indian girl who is practicing yoga for 10 years.  Working to live the simplest life possible. Let us have a glimpse at my life. It was an early morning, I came to this world with an exact sunrise time, my mother is holding me in hands and not everyone seems very happy as they were expecting a boy this time. My elder sister was their first child and having a thought of another girl child scared them a bit but at least they didn’t try to abort me as they did for my younger sister. Luckily she is with us today. Now the time is changing in modern India and the girl child is equally accepted as a boy child. From the beginning of life, things were difficult for the whole family as financial issues, relationship issues and everything was a complete mess. I was raised as a burden, not only me but all my sisters too. It’s always been so hard to speak and raise a voice against the whole system of cultured affected family. School time was nice and it was a free school ran under the government policies. My name was registered in all the activities my school use to offer and I was an average student in studies but an active participant in other activities. I was 14 when I first stepped on the yoga mat, I didn’t understand the meaning of yoga at that time it was just a physical activity I was doing. A stubborn child with no mercy for anyone in the heart as I myself bear a lot of pain since childhood. It always felt like everyone will gonna hurt me or try to fool me so better not trust and stay at a distance probably because of the environment I lived in. I would say I don’t want any child to be raised like me. I kept thinking my parents are strict and orthodox until the time I turned 17 and something happened that change everything completely. One day our family was going to meet some people and I didn’t have any idea about anything. We were going to meet the family of a guy and a guy himself I suppose to marry. Marry??!!! I shouted, I cried, I scream and ran away from the place. That was the first time I realize that things will go to get worse soon I was in high school and had many dream of course! Every child does… AWFUL!.While writing this my heart feel terrible. That was the first time I realized that nothing will gonna change just by sitting, praying and waiting. I’m hurt by this fact that nobody supported me at that hard time. I was hurt both physically and mentally. I started working right after my high school to study further and to pay my bills. Worked as a trader, an Accountant, and a school teacher. Dropped all of these well-established jobs and careers because I was never happy and the idea of sitting in a place where I cannot connect with anyone. I found everyone was working in a line of people where the money was the only thing people were running behind. It all felt like living in a cage where I have never seen freedom yet. I’m thankful for the opportunities and respect all the professions but I was not meant for this path. I am not sharing my experiences and lessons as a show-off or using them as a sympathy gaining act because I don’t need it, but as a hope for everyone out there suffering.  It’s not easy at all to write about it. It takes my everything to share this side of my soul. Courage is all you need to let it all go and see you grow. It’s not easy but surely possible. Believe me, I know! I understand! I’ve been through! By this time yoga and Lord Krishna was always there to support me and blessed me with strength for this path they chose for me. I call myself Krishna’s child. I feel the energy of ultimate love in the name of Krishna. There’s no world without him and practicing yoga with the thought of God is the way how I started feeling conscious and dedicated my life towards spirituality. A part of me was always moving on the floor and appreciating this life no matter what. I have seen the worst but I know there is a lot more to come. Yoga is a huge part of my life and it’s magical how it helped my healing path. I’ve been through so why not share this magical path of enlightenment with everyone out there. I am nothing and just a 24-year-old girl practitioner of yoga and meditation. I often get asked this question that “Are you single?” Umm…so finally I am answering this question. My soul has been connected with the most beautiful soul of this planet, He makes me feel safe, secure and alive. He brings peace and patience in my life. I LOVE HIM the most. So luckily yes! Starting this blog to share my knowledge and heart. Wishing you all good and healthy day 🙂 Hare Krishna xX


  1. Just Beautiful. Felt so connected after reading. Keep growing. Keep writing. Keep sharing. Keep loving. Stay natural forever. Sending lot’s of love and good vibes. Love you💗 Hare Krishna🙏

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  2. Your courage to share your story in the face of such pain is beautiful. You have been through so much…and, though I know these things leave scars on our hearts, it has also made you even more lovely, more soft, more strong. You are a wonder. And I’m soooo happy you have found a love that makes you feel safe 💓💓💓

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  3. Hey Skikha! You have expressed your story so beautifully and glad to know you found your path despite all odds! Yoga is a beautiful gift- not everyone is lucky enough to feel it. Keep practicing on and off the mat and keep sharing your beautiful thoughts!

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  4. You such a beautiful soul !!! I al always amazed and inspired by your kindness and support. Now I know that it’s been a time when no one supported you.. and it’s so sad! But you grow up in such an awesome person!!!

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