Why choose yoga?|Eight reasons to do yoga every damn day!

When there are millions of other things to do, then why yoga?

It’s a wonderful way to work out but not just a workout to sweat it out. Yoga is a union. Yoga is a practice of focusing on now, being present and a beginning of the magical path that leads to spirituality. Everything we humans do is an expression of who we are. You may be consciousness or you may not be conscious of your actions but everything you put in this world is an expression of your soul. Yoga helps you to be aware of your expressions. I have thousands of reason to get people into yoga but these are my most favorite ones.

To inhale life and exhale burden

First of all, Yoga is beautiful. It made you a happier person. We have so much going on in life these days we forget that we are actually here to experience life. We take this breath for granted and forget that we are just a part of this soil and soon or later will be back in this soil. Resting. We are not here only to make money or have a better house. Every soul has a purpose. Let’s find it, achieve it and live it with every moment.

To be flexible both emotionally and physically

You start your journey to be flexible with yoga, this flexibility we start working with is not only for your physical postures but for your mental health also. Your life and your body should be flexible enough for whatever it is required to be.

To live out of the shell

What if I tell you, you can live your whole life in a shell without even knowing there is a way outside and the shell waiting for you to be open and let the light travel through your inner beauty. Yoga helps us in shedding layers of this shell and make it thinner. Its a slow process but one day you will realize “You can live without this shell”

Helps you quitting the circle of life

This life is a circle and everything you do is in a state of the circle. Everything you do and get is coming through the path of that circle and time will repeat itself again and again. If your vision is limited to the possibilities you see are limited and you will stay happy with the way you see things. Only if you are conscious enough you will see you are traveling in a circle and you don’t want to be the part of that circle anymore. Yoga helps us to reach somewhere and not just circling.

Not just an exercise

Yoga is not just an exercise of the body you do to lose weight or having a flat tummy. Its a whole procedure of finding and creating yourself. If you want to be a little bit more aware in your life Yoga is a wonderful way.

Cure and Prevention

Everyone knows that yoga helps you healing but do you know yoga helps you in prevention from so many diseases. You live a healthy lifestyle with yoga because Yoga removes all the toxic elements from your soul, mind, and body.

It helps you ON the mat and also OFF the mat

Yoga is not an act you can do on your mat for some time and think you are a YOGI I am sorry but this is true. Actual yoga practice starts off the mat. As you were aware of your breathe while flowing and holding an asana, you need to be aware of your THOUGHTS off the mat also so what are you putting in this world? It will come back to you one day. Spread kindness and joy.

To feel the presence of “GOD”

Last but surely not the least. God is here with us, living inside us and guiding our journey. Only we need to listen to them. God is the creator and only he is the sustainer of this universe. Prayers and patience are the part of yoga and I feel the presence of Krishna everywhere around me. Yoga helps you grow closer to god.

Let’s connect more!

Hare Krishna Xx



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