Yoga and Home remedies for “High Blood Pressure”

As I mentioned in my earlier post that high blood pressure is a curse of the modern age and attracts many other diseases in the first place. Science has invented and helped so many people with the medication process but cannot completely cure the disease. In short, you live and depend on the medications lifelong.

Where there is nothing to do, there is “YOGA”. Yoga has a cure for this disease like so many others and can prevent you from having it.

Ill be haring some home remedies and yoga poses you can do regularly to say “BYE BYE!” to hypertension/High blood pressure.

Home Remedies for High blood pressure

Vegetables and Juices

As far as possible take juices of fruit and green vegetables. Carrot juice is highly recommended. To cleanse your body this step should be taken immediately. Juices will help you remove the causes like Constipation, Ingestion, and Increase of cholesterol level in your body. You can read the complete description here High Blood Pressure: Root causes and Symptoms

Basil Leaves

Basil is a very useful plant and works as a complete magical after daily consumption. Add basil leaves in your water bottle one night before and drink the water the whole day. This is a very natural and simple remedy. You can add some pepper to the water or take basil with honey.


The edible Indian fruit is extremely helpful in the treatment of diseases like Diabetes and High blood pressure due to its vitamin C quality. It will be sour but works amazing on your body including hair, skin, and eyes. Take two spoons of amla juice both morning and evening.


In the high blood pressure, garlic juice or raw garlic should be taken 3 to 4 times a day. It will help in lowering the pressure of blood inside the body. Once the pressure is measured normal the use of garlic should be gradually decreased.

Yoga for High blood pressure

When it comes to yoga for high blood pressure, there is “Pranayama”. I will not recommend any high-intensity asana for the high blood pressure patients and one should be aware. You can start practicing slowly to raise your lungs capacity and handle your blood pressure.


When it comes to High blood pressure, Pranayama has amazing magical benefits Learn more about Pranayama Pranayama- The Ultimate Life’s Source

Pranayama should be practiced without retention while suffering from High blood pressure as It can raise your level of pressure which is already risen. Do pranayama like Nadishodhana, Sitkari, and Shitali to balance your body blood pressure. This three pranayama is highly recommended.


One should never force himself/herself to do asana while having High blood pressure. Try workout and exercise which helps you in relaxing and calming your body and mind. Yoga is one of the best ways to deal with High blood pressure and its complications. Easy relaxing yoga poses like

  • Ardha-Matsyadrasana
  • Vajrasana
  • Padmasana
  • Tadasana
  • Gomukhasana
  • Shavasana

Some Useful Habits to add in your Lifestyle:

  • Walk daily in the open area and grass under the feet.
  • Avoid junk food completely.
  • Have buttermilk instead of milk.
  • Body massage.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Take proper rest and sleep.
  • Do not work beyond one’s capacity.
  • Alcohol and smoking should not be done.
  • Control your weight.
  • Do not eat processed food and eat a freshly cooked meal.
  • Avoid much salt.
  • Keep calm, It’s all okay. Breathe!


Have a healthy happy living.


Hare Krishna xX



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