Yoga and Home remedies for “Hair Fall”

Loss of hair at very tender age has become a problem for everyone these days. It’s normal to lose between 50 and 100 hair a day. With about 100,000 hairs on your head, that small loss isn’t noticeable. New hair normally replaces the lost hair, but this doesn’t always happen. Hair loss can develop gradually over years. Hair loss can be permanent or temporary.

Many times Hair fall happen with the sudden changes of weather and sometimes it’s just with the age. People tend to lose Hair after the age of 50 and the growth of new hair becomes slower.

Causes of Hair fall

  • Improper food and deficiency of Vitamin B and natural salts or Iodine etc.

  • Mental tension, shock, and other prolonged illnesses like Typhoid, Syphilis, Cold, Running nose, Sinus, Anemia, Cancer etc.

  • Not keeping the scalp clean, using lots of chemicals containing shampoo or products on your scalp.

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  • Deficient blood supply to the head.

  • Hormonal imbalance.

  • Side effects of medicines.

  • Chronic constipation.

  • Insufficient sleep.

  • Excessive mental work.

Home Remedies to control hair fall

Remove all the above causes and make efforts to improve your health generally. It will not be taking more than an hour in a week and in no time you can see the better results. Honestly, Who doesn’t wish to have perfectly healthy hair?

Balanced Diet

Food should be balanced and nutritious. Always add seasonal fruits in your plate. Cabbage, Pineapple, and Amla juice every next morning for two weeks will work as a magic under your scalp.

Raw green vegetables, Salads, sprouted cereals can be consumed in sufficient quantity. Unpolished rice should be taken and lastly but my favorite Spinach and carrot juice is the best for the health of your hair.

Good Hygiene

Always keep your scalp dry but once in a week oil massage your hair with a good natural oil like Coconut oil, Mustard seed oil, Olive oil etc.

Massage your scalp daily with your fingertips for five minutes. Wash your hair twice a week. Women do not tie your hair in a tight bun or a ponytail all the time.

Brush your hair once a day as it will help to increase the blood circulation in your scalp.

Magical Hair Masks

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  1. Soak Fenugreek seeds overnight and grind it in the morning into a paste and apply it on your hair.
  2. Ground the leaves of beri and mix lemon juice in it.  Apply the paste on the scalp which will help in the growth of new hair.
  3. Application of fresh coriander juice and carrot juice into the roots of the hair to completely stop hair fall.
  4. On the bald patches if onion juices applied it leads to the growth of new hair.
  5. Grind carrot and apply directly to your scalp only.
  6. Use Aloe vera gel as a massage cream on your scalp and gently wash after.

(Things to keep in mind: Keep the paste/ Mask on your scalp for at least one hour. Do not wash your hair with chemical included shampoo after this mask, you can use natural shampoos to remove the smell of veggies.)

Yoga to prevent Hair fall

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  • Inversion asanas like Sheershasana, Vipreetkarni asana, Sarvangasana and Matsyasana will help in the prevention and treatment of Hair fall.
  • Yognidra should be performed to release all the mental tensions from your body and mind.
  • Pranayama is very helpful if you are continuously losing your hair from the scalp. By the regular practice of All the pranayamas, you will help release the toxic hormones from the body.

Have a happy healthy hair. 🙂


Hare Krishna ❤




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