Always unhappy? What is the reason of this all-time sadness?

You always complain

Everybody, more or less, is a good person. Everybody is trying their best with the hand they’ve been dealt. If you’re reading this in safely then you should count yourself lucky, because otherwise, you’d be too busy standing in line to fill a bucket with water for you and the rest of your family. The world does not give a shit about you.

People have lived their entire lives fighting an illness they were born with because their mothers passed it onto them and died at three years old alone in a shrub. That probably happened, and if the world is heartless enough to kill an innocent little three-year-old, what do you think it’s capable of doing to your sorry ass?

You depend on materials for your smile

You buy all the most expensive things and that gives you the happiest smile as you are the only one around who has all the good and expensive things which is not easily affordable to most of them.

You feel like you’ll be on top of the world. But then guess what? You’re going to have to buy something else to get that rush of happiness again because those new expensive things ain’t new to you anymore.

You end up buying a bunch of goods that you don’t need and that’s how you show the word you are “happier”.

You are caring too much

Stop! Tell me the last time you didn’t care about anything. Yes! this is as much needed as caring. You cannot change the world in one day so please take one step at a time and leave it to the universe. Do your best or you know what!!! Don’t do anything at all. Give yourself some time and with no alarm. The world needs you. Take care for yourself first.

When you feel like you are ready to do some wonders. Get up and rock the world. Life is not about “DO” all the time. Sometimes its just about “BE”.

You are Running and not Living

This is the most important point as it shows the majority of people who are unhappy due to this cause and thought of winning the race. Why are you running? Why you want everything right now!? Why are you pulling your future mindlessly and not focusing on this present?

There is no such thing as being better than any other soul. Every single being is unique here and sure you must have some qualities which the other one doesn’t have and same with the flaws. By running in this rat race the only thing you’ll get earlier is ‘Death’

You are taking your loved ones for granted

Count the people you love on your fingers or write down some name of people who love you unconditionally. Now think, How much time you spend with them? Last time you share your genuine thoughts with them? Have you done anything for them in recent time? Do you show your care and love to them?

Why this all is important? Because my dear this life will pass in a blink of thought and if you don’t make effort for the people you love and for the people who love you so It’s NOT LIVED.

Give Love! Be a giver ❤


Hare Krishna






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