General Guidelines For Pranayama Practitioner

In traditional texts, there are innumerable rules and regulations pertaining to Pranayama. The main point of these regulations is to exercise, moderation, Balance and common sense with regard to inner and outer thinking and living. However, for those who seriously wish to practice pranayama should follow the guidelines.

Pranayama is for everyone out there and anyone can benefit from it. It is the easiest way to stay and a healthy and happy life.

Here are some general guidelines for PRANAYAMA practitioner…


  • Contra-Indications

Advanced Pranayama should not be practiced during illness, although some simple breathing exercise as lying down in Shavasana with the awareness of breath and can be performed.

  • Time for Practice

The best time to practice Pranayama is at dawn(Morning) when the body is fresh and the mind has very few thoughts. If it’s not possible, then another good time is just after sunset or in the evening. One can practice simple breathing exercise just before sleep in the night. Try to be regular with same time, place and environment. Regularity will bring Strenght, Willpower and Pranic force to your body and mind.

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Do not be in hurry or keep checking the duration. Be slow and steady.

  • Clothes

Loose and comfortable clothes made of natural fibers should be worn during the practice. During winters or cold cover yourself with blanket or sheet and in summers open the windows for fresh air.

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  • Hygiene

Take a bath and shower before commencing the practice or wash hand and feet before pranayama practice. Do not take bath just after any yogic practice for at least half an hour, allow your body temperature to normalize first.

  • Place of Practice

Practice in a quiet, clean and pleasant room, which is well ventilated but not draughty. Generally avoids practicing in direct sunlight as the body will become overheated. Except in the morning when soft rays of the sun feel good and it is proven that rays of early morning sun are really beneficial. Practice without air condition, fan or windy area. As this may upset the body temperature.

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Light up some incense sticks and dim the light of a room to make a mood of calmness.

  • Sitting Position

It is not advisable to sit in a posture which is advanced for your body and in simpler words ‘uncomfortable’. The body should feel relaxed as possible throughout the spine, heart erect and neck. Sit on a folded blanket or natural fiber to ensure maximum conduction of energy during the practice.

Sidha yoni asana or Padmasana is best-suited posture for Pranayama. Those who cannot sit for too long may sit against the wall or on the chair with back straight.

  • Breathing

Always breathe through the nose and not the mouth. Both nostrils must be clear and flowing freely. One should not practice pranayama while having a cough and cold but, mucus and blockages can be removed with the practice of Neti kriya or Kapalbhati.

  • Sequence

Pranayama should be performed after Shatkarmas and Asana and before meditation practice. After practicing Pranayama, one may lie down in Shavasana for a few minutes to absorb all the pranic force flowing inside being.

  • Avoid Strain

With all Pranayama practices, it is important to remember that the instructions are not to strain, not to try increasing your capacity too fast, applies just as it does to asana practice. One is advised to practice a pranayama technique until it is mastered, it can be practiced without any strain or discomfort, it is wise to follow your teacher guidance before moving forward in the advanced practice.

  • Diet

A balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals suitable for most Pranayama practices.

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When commencing pranayama practice, constipation, and reduction in urine may be experienced. In that case, stop taking spices and salts. Drink plenty of water in a day.


Hare Krishna ❤










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