7 Most Important Things to know before Starting Yoga Practice

As you always hear yoga is an effective practice which heals your body and mind with its magical effects to your body. Its the simplest and most important way to stay healthy and disease free in this generation. All truth!!! But, There are some aspects nobody tells you before you start practicing Yoga.

Here are some most important and Truthful points about Yoga and its lifestyle…

1) Yoga is a continuous practice

Yes!!! Yoga is a lifestyle more than exercise. Every action you do is yoga if you are a yoga practitioner. It is a continuous process of being better and you evaluate each day. Every single day practice brings something in your life so you cannot skip a day unless you are sick or unwell.

Continuous practice of yoga helps in muscle development, improves posture and refreshes the mind. It further helps develop concentration and sharpens memory. Basically, you will notice an all-round development – physically, mentally and spiritually. You cannot gain all these benefits if you are not a regular yoga practitioner.

2) You will not see the results overnight

This is the truth many people are not aware of, It takes time to see the benefits of yoga as it will take time to cleanse your body from the toxin.

The commitment to consistent yoga practice will create humility, compassion, patience, and a sense of stillness in the mind that grows over a long period of time. It grows slowly, which is something that is hard for people to understand or accept. When you can accept the irony that yoga is not about postures at all, then the frustration due to the physical abilities will start to fall away.

It works on both mind and body at the same time, that’s why it takes time. The more stubborn your mind is the more your results will take time and the same with the body.

3) There is no yoga without Breathing practices

There are many people in the yoga class who happily do all the physical practice and when it comes to breathing exercise or call Pranayama- The Ultimate Life’s Source

They find it boring or less interesting. It is hard for them to accept this fact that simple breathing can help them in gaining control over the body. Mostly they leave or do it unwillingly. If you are one of them so… My Dear, You are not practicing yoga. There is no yoga without breathing awareness and consciousness. You are doing just some regular exercise.

Your breathing helps you in balance your life as you gain control over Prana source(Breathing). BREATHE!!!

4) It works on Roots of your body and not just the outer shell

It doesn’t work as a medicine. It works on the root causes of your physical and mental problems. If you are suffering from some disease(Hopefully not) then you will need to find the root causes of that imbalance of your body and yoga will help you work on them. Same as If you are suffering from some mental illness yoga will help you to open the wound and release all the pain that holds you back in this life.

To feel wonderful as a being, Choose yoga. 🙂

5) Balance|Strength|Flexibility of both Mind & Body

We’ve heard of our body getting flexible, our muscles building strength and we’re gaining balance on the body but, Do you know it works the same for your mind?

Yoga will help you in releasing the things and people who don’t fill your soul with love, you will gain a better understanding and balance of thoughts in your life. Its a treat isn’t it?

6) Yoga is not always about “Relaxation”

Yogi’s will understand me in this thought. Yoga is not always about relaxation. Sometimes it’s about Surrender, Pain, Letting go, Giving up, Helplessness, Self-realization and many more emotional as well as physical strains in the body. As I said it is a continuous process. You are never really full of knowledge in this life. Yoga helps you to open to those parts of your mind and body who you are afraid of.

Holistic healing involves touching your wounds and help them heal from its roots.

You learn, You feel the pain and you grow. That’s how yoga helps you in changing into a better person than you were ever before.

7) You will transform

The people who stick with yoga realize that they make decisions that are more constructive than destructive. This transformation is not just about the body but also mind.

One way yoga encourages transformation is by helping you to shift patterns you’ve developed over time, patterns that may be unhealthy. When you put your body into a pose that is foreign and you stick with it, you learn how to take a new shape. Taking this new shape with the body can lead you to learn how to take a new shape with the mind. “If practiced correctly, yoga asana breaks down the psychological, emotional, physical, energetic, and psychic obstacles that inhibit us from thriving.

How to bring Transformation in your Life?

To develop a new positive attitude towards life and to learn with every single practice, Be dedicated to your practice and surrender yourself to the power of change.

{Conclusion- Yoga is not just an exercise to lose weight or standing on your hands. It’s much more than just physical transformation and health. It is a spiritual journey towards self and to the most conscious and aware soul possible.}



Have a happy yoga 🙂

Hare Krishna… _/\_


  1. I absolutely agree that yoga is not just some sort of physical exercise but a way of life that’s in ancient India…and its sad that we have given up all that to be running mad on some machines in closed rooms…
    Thanku for sharing this👍🏻


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