Why “Be Kind”? Why choose “Kindness”?

Let’s face it we are living in a world where it’s no longer important to being kind at all (but very necessary) because there are more things which will help you in making some extra dollars and not just left you with a feeling of good being.

Well, it’s the matter of perspective and how you see the world around you are, in fact just a choice. I sometimes encourage people to see the bad around, yes I do. When you focus on the bad you find the urge of changing it somehow and I feel my job is done for the moment. Honestly, it’s not easy being kind but nothing good comes as easy as it seems.

Being kind in the unkind world is a choice and a promise to ourselves. Of course why not? After all, we are the most intelligent spices in this world we have some responsibilities. It doesn’t mean for you to give all of your money into charity or giving up everything. It’s just small acts of giving that changes the reality. Remember selfless deeds is a kindness. In this blog, I’ll be sharing how small steps of kindness change life day by day into a better human being. Into a better self.

  • Happiness

The very first feeling comes after a pure act of kindness is happiness. By helping someone you feel slightly happier. You feel the release of something so heavy you were carrying from so long is finally no longer there and you are light and free. Everyone experience sadness in their lives and you can offer something positive to this world and just simply feel good.  Try it.

  • Kindness ease anxiety

Truth but it will take time. Anxiety is a serious illness we all can suffer anytime. It’s easy to come but absolutely difficult to go. With a small act of kindness, one can ease affect anxiety slowly or just in a moment. By feeding some stray animals, birds and homeless people. Remember every act counts and an old blanket left by you on the bench of a park counts and you will be amazed by the energy you receive afterward.

  • Bring positive energy

You experience and create all types of energy that directly affects you and your mood throughout the day. I believe everything is energy. When you consciously do some act of kindness and made someone happier by your existence you create the powerful energy of positivity. It will be visible on your face and your outer world. My friend, positive energy is contagious and not easily gone or taken away. Create some today!

  • You receive blessings from heart

You never know what anyone is going through and this world is hard to live peacefully for everyone. For some, it’s a bit worst.  By your intentional smile, gift, food or a single hug you can ease their pain for a moment. Trust the power of acts and you will see the difference you make in this world. The hardest thing to earn is pure blessings from the heart. The more you give love, the more it will come back.

  • Kindness prevents illness

Believe it or not. Kindness prevents illness as you see it’s very obvious just by being kind you stay happy, you feel less stressful, you create positive energy and you take blessings from random hurtful people. Don’t you think is this enough to keep you healthier? Well, I think. Just by being the little kind you vibrate at the higher frequency and live a very happy healthier life. Be kind to every kind.

  • Kindness makes you strong

Ohm! What? Kindness can make you stronger? Yes! You are a strong personality if you have chosen the path of kindness for sure but, kindness makes you stronger. Have you ever heard this phrase “power of goodness”? No matter what comes in your life or what you are going through. When you are good at your work, you feel powerful as something good around is with you and taking care of you as you are taking care of everybody else. Believe in this.


Hare Krishna ❤


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