Happy New Year|10 Simply Best things you can do for yourself this New Year

Happy New Year! Here it is! The big year ahead. Everyone is super excited for all the things they can do this year. People are making resolutions and trying hard to fulfill all of them. Feeling fresh and charged. Well, it’s easy now because mentally without any special aura cleansing everyone is setting the fresh and the newest mindset for the whole year things.

Have you ever thought to do this every next morning with a new sunrise? You can be the happiest person in the entire world. Haven’t thought of it in that way? The day is not enough? Then try a week or a month. I’m not saying setting intentions will help to be happier but having a new clean mind is an opportunity for all. 365 New opportunities are waiting for you.

The new year is nothing but just a feeling of a new start, a new change, and new possibilities.

I’ll be sharing 10 methods for how to make this the best year of your life.

1) Take every day as a new year day. You need to make the best of it.

2) Work on your resolutions and don’t quit, take rest or modify them.

3) Do not underestimate yourself if you are not at all excited for the new year and new beginnings. That’s okay! Just go with the flow and Take one step at a time.

4) Do what you are doing but with the better mindset of positivity. What if you start your day with the message to yourself “I’m amazing!!!”

5) Remind yourself to take 10 deepest and longest breathes and release yourself from the burden of anything.

6) Do not force yourself to make some positive way. Be here! Still! And tell yourself that “You are light and you have all”.

7) Try to do one new thing, apart from your schedule. A walk will be okay! Explore.

8) Take alone time for at least 5 minutes a day. Just for yourself.

9) Do one good thing to your body every day. Lemon tea? Warm water? Bowl of fruit? or soup? You will feel the immense amount of freshness in your day to day life. Start it today!

10) Thank God! Right before sleeping. Thank the universe for blessing you with this beautiful day and life.


Hare Krishna ❤



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