Beauty of tears


An emotional breakdown where we feel hopeless, lonely, betrayal or just sad. We express our feelings with tears. It’s easy for some people to shed off their pain in form of salty drops but for some people it is hard. The society has always told us in many expressions that crying is no solution and only a weak sit down to cry. Strongest are the ones who get up with pain and smile.

Is crying is the sign of giving up?

If a person cry because of pain that means he/she isn’t strong enough to handle the consequences of life?

By holding your tears and killing yourself inside is a sign of strong willpower?

Will a man lost his masculinity by sharing his pain with others?

Do you judge a woman by her sensitive nature?

These all are the question comes in my mind when I think about tears. Tears are natural. Why it is so hard to believe? There isn’t a single human alive who hasn’t cried once since birth. We all know the pain and how overwhelming the situation went when we cry. Been there done that!

Crying your heart out is like a washing your soul with the tears of unwanted pain. It’s more like a cleansing, you wash off your sorrows with it.

Crying is like shedding the burden of old and dead leaves from the tree so that new ones can come and breathe. It is an invitation to something so fresh that will not be the same as it was.

Crying is as natural as nature. It is a sign of deep emotions. We are human that is how we show our pain. Society and the world around us are as same as we. They all feel it too. You are natural, we are natural.

Let’s accept this. Life isn’t smooth, Life is not a vacation, Life is not always beautiful, It takes courage and hell lot of courage to stand out and do something you love, Life is not a piece of cookie where you sprinkle the chocolate chips, We all are actually lost and figuring out our way through this journey. No one is giving up. Everyone has a breakdown, it’s like some can hold down deep under there soul blanket and some cannot. That doesn’t always mean they are seeking sympathy or attention.


You can cry too. We all know how harsh this world is and we all are struggling somehow. Still breathing and Waking up every day with a hope of goodness.

With all the pain and sorrow it’s beautiful. Tears are beautiful.💫🙏


Hare Krishna ❤


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