How to bring Transformation in your Life?

We all are here with some purpose doesn’t matter we acknowledge with it yet or not but, we all have. As we serve to the world we become a giver and as we take from the people around us that’s how we become a taker. Sometimes in this give and take relationships we give a lot, we pour our energy to the people around us in a hope of better surroundings and loving aura.

Pouring your precious energy to anything is an act of life. Awareness of where and how to give your effort is a balance. Example, If you spout your energy into the negative thoughts, the outcomes will be the same “Negative”.

You must have heard of this phrase “You cannot pour from an empty cup” Sensitive, Loving and emotional souls tend to give and spill their love and goodness to others more then they need to. There can be two reasons for doing this, Either they want to bless this universe with their super love or They themselves need love to bloom that’s why they are giving and hoping for something in return. There can be both of them also. As if your cup is empty you crave for love but you are never done with the goodness you carry in your heart, That’s where you suffer.

Secure your energy as you yourself need you. Speak politely with yourself. Activate your soul in a manner as you do to others. Show sympathy to your own pain and sorrow. Be attentive to your own thoughts and let the love growing inside you. You have all. Your energy can do wonders to your own anatomy.

It is all energy.  You give life to what you give energy to… Have you ever planted a seed? It cannot bloom into life unless you pour your energy to it, With love or in the greed of fruits. It needs your energy to be grown into a full form of life. Once you pour your energy into something It doesn’t ask you for constant care and lookouts. It will take care of itself as long as your precious energy is working but after some time it needs you. It needs your spirit of love from time to time. With Plants and of course Relationships.

With the right amount of energy, there becomes a full cherished life. Breathe and show some devotion to your soul and others.

Be mindful with whom you spend your Liveliness.

It will be your life.

Make your life like a garden of your planted love.

Hare Krishna ❤


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