Easy and Effective Yoga poses for full-time workers| Yoga for Tired Body and Mind

If you are here so probably you work full time for the life you live but, You wanna be healthy in this life as it’s pretty easy to gain weight on the office chair and it’s easier to feel depressed or unenergetic. You try to eat healthily but, It is almost impossible for you to take time out for the workout as you feel tired already without moving Or You are not in a mood of doing an intense workout and Just need some stretches and movements. My Dear, You are at the right place.

You know what? You are tired of the mind and not from the body. Your body needs some stretching and movements and your mind need some great relaxation. I know what you are thinking. Hows it even possible to work out, Relax without spending too much energy on it. There is something you can do every day to keep yourself charge and a happy baby throughout a day. “YOGA”

In this blog, I will be sharing 12 simple Yoga poses for you to live a better life. It will only take 20 minutes a day and you are ready to go!


1) Marjari- Asana (Cat & Cow stretch)

This Asana helps stretching your Neck, Shoulder, and Spine. It is especially good for the women as It gently tones the female reproductive system, giving relief from menstrual cramps and leucorrhea. It may be safely practiced by pregnant women but, forceful contraction should be avoided.


2) Shashankasana (Hare Pose)

This asana is so good for the people who sit for long hours or work standing for more hours. In Yoga, the pose is for relief. This asana stretches and strengthen the back muscles and separates the individual vertebrae from each other, releasing pressure on the discs. Regular practice also relieves Constipation. Kno more Shashankasana- A Way to Surrender


3) Dolasana (Pendulum Pose)

This asana strengthens the hamstring and back muscles, make them more flexible and toned. It releases stress from the backbone. Helps to improve the blood circulation. Take Five round from right and then from left. Inhale as you open your heart and Exhale while going forward. Do it regularly for a flexible back.


4) Saral Bhujangasana ( Easy Cobra Pose)

This asana works like magic for the people who are suffering from a backache and stiff back. It is hard to move throughout the day if your back is stiff and hurting. This asana improves the capacity of your lungs by deep breathing. Its so good for the spine, ovaries, uterus, kidney, Liver and helps in the other gynecological disorder. Take 5 to 10 Deep breaths while holding it.


5) Bhu Namanasana (Spinal Twist Prostration Pose)

Usually, we don’t often twist and turn our back in a day. This asana is so good as it stretches your spine completely with a simple twist. It stimulates all the nerves around your spine and lowers back. Touch the ground with your forehead from both the sides while breathing mindfully.


6) Eka Pada Pranamasana (One-Legged Prayer Pose)

To calm your mind and balance the thoughts this balancing asana is suggested. It helps in improving the concentration power. Also strengthen the foot, ankle and legs muscles. Hold this standing pose from both the legs one and after another for 5 deepest breaths.


7) Parvatasana (Mountain Pose/Downward Dog)

A Good and deep stretch for the Back muscles and Limbs of your body. Circulation is stimulated especially in the upper spine between the shoulders. Help in the prevention of Osteoporosis. Release tension and give relax to the spine and whole lot body. Do not hold your breath and keep it normal. Slowly Inhale and Exhale. Feel the stretch.


8) Mukta Hasta Merudandasana (Rocking Horse Pose)

This asana tones the abdominal organs including Liver, Kidney, and Intestines. Strengthen the core muscles. Helps in Constipation and Lower belly fat reduction. This asana is suggested to the people with knee problems like Weak knee or Sensitive knee. Bless you, with a feeling of lightness and Balance.


9) Supta Pawanmuktasana (Leg Lock Pose)

If you are suffering from constipation and gastric issues then, This asana is all you need to practice for coming five minutes. It massages the whole abdominal area and Digestive organs and therefore very effective in removing wind and stuck colon from the body. It is also very helpful in mensurational problems. Hold it as long as you can with breathing normally.


10) Shava Udarakarshanasana (Universal Spinal twist)

A very good and deep twist is all you need after a hard day. Give your back some massage with a sweet twist, after all, your back helps you all day standing and sitting. Tightness and Tiredness are relieved, especially in the lower back. You will feel the release of stress and stiffness from your body. Breathe!


11) Makarasana (Crocodile Pose)

This asana is very effective for the people suffering from problems like Slipped disc, Sciatica and certain types of Lower Back pain. They should remain in this asana for an extended period of time. Fill your lungs full while inhaling in this asana as your lungs are wide with an open heart in this asana. Breathe!


12) Savasana (Corpse Pose)

This asana relaxes the whole psychological system. Usually practiced after full dynamic yoga practice and Surya Namaskar. It develops the awareness of prana in the whole system of the body. Gives a Magical rest to Mind and Body. Keep your breaths normal.



Wishing you health. ❤

Hare Krishna _/\_


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