Why do we feel good with Nature?| How spending time in nature helps you?

The human body is visually different from nature but internally it’s a whole lot nature itself. You are Nature. There are many entities in this body that connects us with the beautiful nature and the most beautiful creation of nature “Plants, Mountains, Beaches, Oceans, Trees, etc”. Nature beauty is countless. You feel extremely Alive, Happy, Joyful, Emotional, Relieved and Peaceful connection with nature. It’s like a Union of your soul to magical mother nature.

For some it may be hard to understand but, Once you start focusing and giving your attention to the resemblances you’ll be aware of this world and universe more easily. Every answer to your question lies within yourself because you are the nature itself.

Have you ever asked yourself

“Why do you need time in nature every now and then?”

“Why you feel free to complete only when you are the top of the mountain”?

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

“What makes you go to take a dip in the river for cleansing when you have swimming pools and bathtubs?”

diver under the sea
Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom on Pexels.com

You go to the mountain top because that’s, where you feel detached from the mankind hustles and You, know that none will ever fake it here. You are Free! You can breathe without any interruptions.

You take a Dip in the holy water of nature, You go deep inside an ocean because you know in the water their will be no impurities. Nothing bad can touch you here, With every sink, you take you to feel like you are washing away the negativity. You are cleansing your soul.

You do many things and wish for many because that’s your inner voice, you don’t pay attention to the reasons but, you go with your heart. You resonate with feeling but not the need. Nature Calls you for everything you deserves.

Nature never judges you

Luckily there is one place on this Earth where you will not be judged by the decisions you’ve taken in your Life.  Nature always hugs you with love and affection. It makes you feel that there is nothing wrong with you and you are beautiful the way you are. Nature will listen to you always.

Nature holds the place to surrender

There must many confessions and mistakes to accept but, Sometimes it is really hard to confess in front of the people and then It stays with you forever like a painful sting of a bee. You need a space to surrender yourself, You need a healing hand to remove that sting from your heart, You need to find relief. You go to our Dear nature.

Nature appreciates you the way you are

Society and this world have so many images of a perfect being and a role model to all. They measure everyone in the same shoe and if it doesn’t match then they will see you as a “Less being” Well, this is so not true. There is no definition of beauty better than Love. If you spread love, You’re beautiful. Nature is a Mother to all and a mother is never partial with her children. It will appreciate you all.

Nature helps you in awareness of Death

There is nothing in this world Immortal and everything will gonna get burry inside this land. Close relation with nature will help you understand the cycle of life and Death. You learn to appreciate and be grateful for everything you have and enjoy this life. There is no beautiful thing than Gratitude. With Gratitude, you can never be sad.

Nature helps you in Healing

Where there is a physical wound or emotional wounds nature can heal you completely. It has the most amazing healing power. By surrendering yourself in nature hands you’ll find yourself at more peace.


You just need to plant a seed for happiness.

Hare Krishna ❤




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