What to do when you feel Lost?|Things to Remember when you feel Lost and Hopeless.

Do you often feel that your life has no purpose? You are counting days of your life and slowly becoming a burden on this planet?

Then read this.

“A perfect life is just right there”. Have you heard of this motivational thought of having and dreaming? They are nothing but just the illusions of life and an idea of “How life should be lived?”. There is no perfect life possible. There is no perfect being possible. The one who knows that this time is the only perfect thing to cherish… always lives the most peaceful and joyful life possible. You ain’t lost, my love. You are learning… You are coming back home…

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Here are some really good reminders to remind yourself daily:

Being Lost is Normal

In this world where everyone is figuring out there shit together and sometimes pretend to have a very happy balanced life. Making every effort and spending all days and energy in doing something that will transform their lives in a more smooth and perfect path “YOU CAN BE LOST”

Lost doesn’t mean you are less than anyone

Yes! And there is nothing like feeling less than others. No one is superior and No one is lesser than anyone. We all are not the same either but, We all are unique in every manner and aspect.

You only need to believe all over again.

There come times in our lives where we feel extremely recharged, full of potential and powerful that we believe that we can do anything we want. We speak ideas, we create lights, we spread awareness or we just go with the flow. Why?! Because We Believe. When this belief goes out of the picture, we start feeling lost as we don’t have any purpose to live by, we are saddened that our plans didn’t work out.

Take your time and just breathe.

There is no sun shining all day, there is a night too. We will not appreciate the Sun if there will be no night. As alike you cannot shine your light all the time, If you wanna sit back, hold your breath and just wanna be there living? Please BE!

You are not answerable to everyone

The ones who are saying “Oh! so you gave up” Let them talk and don’t pour your precious energy to the useless arguments. It’s always okay to feel little lost because to be honest no one is figured out there shit yet. This is a full time forever ride which will never gonna be filled with needs and wants.

Appreciate today and Plant hopes for tomorrow

Not knowing what to do next is a sign to sit back in silence appreciate what you have and Let the Universe do its wonders for yourself. Things cannot always be aligned in your path. There are simply many other ways than your goals. Make a room in your heart with full of possibilities.

Forgive and Let it go…

There are many people and connections in our lives leave us alone with a feeling of a worthless being. We may have poured us with all the love and efforts but, still, it doesn’t work well and now life is not making any sense to you? It’s Okay. Life is actually senseless and millions of important questions are unanswered to this world. Remember this, A love given is never wasted.  Let it go and start paying attention to your thoughts. You’ll become what you will think.

You are not alone, You have you.

As long as you are there for yourself, you can do wonders. Self-companion is the best companion possible. Believe in your prayers, Believe in your hard works, Believe in a magical tomorrow and Believe in YOURSELF.

It’s okay if you fall down and lose your spark.

It’s okay if you made the worst choices.

It’s okay if you feel that everyone is living a better life than you do.




Hare Krishna ❤




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