Constipation and Bloating: Root Causes

Constipation itself is not a disease but can be an invitation to many diseases.

Constipation and Bloating are raising graph day by day in today’s world. It is really easy and normal to get difficulty in passing stool, Feeling bloated in the stomach and that too can cause your stomach to doubled in the size. Timely defecation is not there, it is less in quantity or with hardened pieces in it.

Gross! I know but, Shit happens and when it doesn’t happen you feel heaviness and down all day. It is really irritating, After passing stool, the feeling of lightness is not experienced. The tongue becomes Dry or white. This consequently leads to many other diseases and their symptoms occur like: Bad breath, Loss of appetite, Headache, Laziness, Under Eye Circles, Nausea, Pimples, Ulcer in the mouth, Acidity, Irritation, Gout, Cataract in the eyes, High blood pressure, Arthritis, Colon cancer etc. Constipation is the mother of all disease.

To treat any problem we first need to pay attention to its root causes so that we can cure it and not just treat it by medications. Your body itself has all the abilities to heal.

Let’s learn some really important causes of Constipation and Bloating and Be aware of them:

Eating Habits

Poor eating habits are one of the most important and obvious causes of Constipation. Not eating on time. Heavy food is taken. Not chewing your food properly. Eating processed and unhealthy food. Using more oil in food. Eating more Flour and not eating enough greens. Food without roughage(Fiber). These are are the eating disorders are mainly causing your upset stomach, bloating and constipation.

Lack of Physical Activities

Our lifestyle requires too much sitting and not moving much in this generation of rich technology. Physical activities require for easy passing of stool. For good digestion of food, you need to take those extra steps of stairs, workout for some time a day and overall be active with your routine.

Insufficient Intake of Liquids and Greens

Do you know that eating an equal amount of veggies and fruits in your diet helps you a lot in passing that toxic stool from your intestine? Well, Now you do, It really helps. Add fruits and vegetables in your diet rich in fiber especially. Drink plenty of water in a day so your body won’t get dry and hardened the thing.


Sometimes too much of medications cause upset stomach, bloating and constipation. One of the side effects of medications is constipation most of the time because of Medication cause dryness in our body and that made it hard to pass the toxic from our body. Keep your body hydrating with liquids and watery vegetables and fruits when on medications.


Many people are suffering from chronic constipation since their birth and its nothing to do with your body and food very often. Sometimes constipation run in families and there is surely a reason behind it. It could be anything like a food allergy. Pay attention to your meal and notice your poop accordingly. Add what suits your body the best and skip the foods doesn’t suit your bowel.

Lifestyle Disorder

This is one of the biggest cause of constipation in this fast and rapid generation. Lifestyle has so fluctuated that there is no time table of eating, sleeping, and working. People are ignoring the urge to poop and too lazy to go sit and make efforts. Going to bed late, eating late and waking up late are the simply big causes of constipation.

Anxiety and Depression

Your nervous system and bowels work constantly in a manner to maintain your health. Thought can be toxic and so can be your bowels. If you are suffering from anxiety or depression than you are releasing different hormones in your body and that is triggering hormonal imbalance.


Pay attention to all the above causes and be the care taker of your own health.

Hare Krishna ❤

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