Not Knowing What to do Next in Life

We all have seen or seeing this phase in life where we feel exhausted, lost and totally numb when it comes to ideas and plans. Feels like Life is a puzzle in a teenage mind. Isn’t it? If you feel lost, It is because your mind and heart are not working together in harmony. Peace comes with the balance of both.

You want more from your life, You think like you have all the capabilities to get more and explore more but, How?! You believe strongly in your self that you can do things with little more efficiency.

Well, the truth is a little different than your abilities and desires. It won’t always be serving you for what you’ve worked for or planned before. When this happens, people tend to feel lost and hopeless in their lives.

Ouch! Is it bad to feel?

Nope! You felt cheated and betrayal by the world. It’s actually very humane to feel in this way as after all the struggles and hard work you are not being served what you deserve. You’ve made all your best moves or you might be waiting for the big opportunity to show your talent but, it’s not enough. It is never enough.

No one can guaranty you a safe, beautiful, secure and amazing future because no one will ever know this.

So, What should we do?

Absolutely NOTHING! Being lost is not a problem. It is a reminder to sit back and let the Universe do its wonders. Believe in your karma. Appreciate what you already have in life. Breathe at this moment and take all the little things as a gift of this world. There must be thousands of things you have someone might be wishing for.

What to do when you feel Lost?|Things to Remember when you feel Lost and Hopeless.

Believe Breathe Appreciate ❤

Wait for the signs and then go for it. Always remember your present situation is not the final destination, Best is yet to come.  Things cannot always be in your favor, too many efforts of doing something is a sign of impatience and hurry. Trust the process and keep yourself busy in making every day beautiful.

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Small steps at a time🐾

Learn to acknowledge the signs and Learn to rest.

Remind yourself that life is an unpredictable ride where you put your efforts and serve others with your warmth and love.

You’re doing okay, It’s all Okay!


Hare Krishna ❤🌻





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