Yoga for Detox: Yoga Asanas that helps in Cleansing Toxins from the Body

Yoga has a tremendous way to make you feel good in this body. Our body is meant to be moved and by moving it experience needs to energy. For energy, our body eats, and drinks. Every organ of this body is designed in a form to use that energy in a positive way and remove the waste. If that waste is hard to remove from the body? It roams around our body in the form of toxins and slowly takes the name of the disease.

Toxins are the most rooted cause of Disease. You see, feel and witness many changes in the body if you are living with toxic in your blood. Read here Toxic Blood| Thick and Dark color Blood Causes and Symptoms

Yoga helps you remove toxin substance from the body by three ways Skin, Urine, and Faeces. Asanas are connected with physical activity. They remove Restlessness, Instability, Laziness, and obesity.  Your body feels light, become disease free and starts glowing.

In the world, No other activity than the asana has been found which would so minutely affect the endocrine glands especially. Here are some Asana that will help you cleanse your body from toxins and helps you live a better and joyful life.

(Note- Only practice after warming up your body completely)

Naukasana{Boat Pose}


{Try to keep your back straight and hold it for 10-20 sec.}

Paschimottanasana{Seated Forward Fold}


{People who suffer from a slipped disc, Sciatica or hernia should not practice this asana}

Halasana{Plough Pose}


{Should not be practiced by people who suffer from High Blood pressure, Hernia, Sciatica or any serious back and neck problem}

Ushtrasana{Camel Pose}


{Lumbago patients should avoid. Breath as you open your heart}

Dhanurasana{Bow Pose}


{People suffering from High Blood pressure, Hernia and Colitis should avoid this asana}

Bhujangasana{Cobra Pose}


{Should not be practiced by people suffering from Hernia, Peptic ulcer, Intestinal tuberculosis.}

Chakarasana{Wheel Pose}

{Should not be practiced by people with weak legs, wrist, and back. Pregnant women completely avoid}

Ardha Matsyendrasana{Half Spinal Twist}


{Pregnant women should avoid, Sciatica and slipped disc should not practice this asana}

Pasasana{Noose Pose}


{People with lower back pain, Knee problems and hernia should avoid}

Pranayama (Breathing Practices)

Learn how to remove toxins of your body through breathing and live light and happy life. Sharing the three most effective and dynamic ways to use your breath in healing path.

Bhastrika Pranayama- Detox Negativity Practice|Benefits|Precautions

Anulom Vilom- Way to within Practice|Benefits|Precautions

Kapalbhati- To Purify Practice|Benefits|Precautions


Inhale Exhale 🙂

Hare Krishna ❤



  1. Great post, thank you writing! I will begin to incorporate pasasana and chakrasana into my daily routine. I already do the other ones, but it’s good to know those are really good for detoxing.

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  2. Hi there, wondering what you would suggest for me. I currently do some yin yoga incorporated with my pt. I have a damaged sciatica/peroneal nerve and have drop foot in my left leg. I cannot walk without my leg brace and cane.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello🏵 Yin yoga, breathing practices and simple stretches would good to you. Avoid forward folds completely and try Iyengar yoga if you can. I’m sending you healing. 🤗


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