What are Alkaline and Acidic foods?| How to balance Alkaline and Acid in your body?

All diseases begin from an imbalance of alkali and acid in the body and end with it getting balanced. In the human body, 80% is alkali and 20% is acid. Maintaining this ratio is the primary basis of health. In this aspect only our physical, Mental and practical, natural, the capacity of copulation depends, that is why our food must include 80% alkali and 20% acidic substances in it.

Why do we need to eat more Alkaline food?

Before jumping straight to Alkaline and Acidic food, You need to understand why even maintaining this diet ratio is important.

Our body has a PH level. Our blood is slightly Alkaline and that is with a PH between 7.35 to 7.45. A neutral PH is 7 and should not be less than that. Our stomach has the acid and its PH level is 3.5 or below, it is used in breaking down the food particles. Acid is powerfully harmful and that is why there is an inner wall inside our stomach that keeps acid in its place only.

The body that contains a PH level below 7 is known as Acidosis. A lower PH level means that your blood is more acidic and your lungs and Kidney can’t keep your body PH in balance. Acidosis can be Life-threatening problem itself and cause many other diseases.

What happens to our body when it turns Acidosis?

If you are looking to decrease your chances of having a chronic disease, you need to start focusing on your diet. More acid in the body can be the biggest cause of diseases like Hypertension, Degenerative diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis and Diabetes. Can damage your Kidneys, Lungs, and Liver.

If you already have one of above-mentioned illness than you can heal your body with food and the right lifestyle. Alkaline food is what your body needs more and not medications.

What are Alkaline foods?

We need more Alkaline rich food in our diet as it matches our body PH Level and no disease can grow in an Alkaline environment. Alkaline Rich foods are Fruits and Vegetables. Uncooked food or Food that we can eat raw and doesn’t require cooking. It actually contains many types of fruits and vegetables. Except for Berries, Plum, Lemon, and Oranges.

Some most Alkaline rich foods are Figs, Sprouted grains, Coconut and Dates.

What are Acidic foods?

Acidic food is easily available all around us and so are Disease now adays. An average person in today’s age includes 90-100% of acidic food in their diet. Acidic foods are meat, Dairy products, Cooked Foods, Wheat, Sweets, Sugar, Grain, Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, Boiled milk, Maida, salt, Soda, Vegetable oils, Drinks, Fried and Deep fried baked product.

How to slowly add more alkaline food in your Diet?

photography of a smiling woman
Photo by Bruce mars on Pexels.com
  • The alkaline diet is not like a trend or a Diet plan you can take to lose weight. Alkaline foods are fresh, green and full of nutrients our body needs to work properly. It’s should not be like do the sudden changes in your diet and go completely green with the food choices. Take time and plan your one meal a day that will include more alkaline rich food and less acidic food.
  • If you don’t eat any fruit in a day? You should add fruits and veggies in your plate before filling it with the food you eat regularly. Fill up your stomach with alkaline food first will do wonders. Once it will become your habit… you will live a very healthy life by feeling good all the time.
  • Try not to cook, pressurized or fry your veggies all the time you eat. You can roast it a bit without adding too much oil or spices. Uncooked food is the best
  • Go for Fasting twice a week. Eat alkaline food all day to stay energetic. This will clean most of the toxins present in your body. Slowly add more days once you feel comfortable.


{Note: People who eat more Raw food like fruits and salad do not have any problem with body disease. The problem is faced by people who eat more cooked food.}

Have happy Raw eating.


Hare Krishna ❤


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