Yoga for Ingestion, Acidity, and Constipation| Yoga Poses for Digestive problems

Acidity is one chronic condition when your stomach, abdomen and food pipe suffer from the burning sensation. This burning sensation could be slight to severe.

Where Indigestion causes gas formation in the stomach which passes out repeatedly from the anus or get retained within, this causes gastric trouble in the body.

Acidity and Indigestion are two different problems but, their causes are quite the same.

Similar Causes:

They both have trigger points like Constipation, Fried/spicy food, Not chewing the food properly, Unbalanced diet, Mental tension, Worry and Excessive use of salt and sugar.

Learn more about Constipation and Bloating: Root Causes

Yoga for Acidity, Gas trouble and Indigestion

  • Pawanmuktasana


Benefits: It tones and massages the entire abdominal and pelvic region, including the pancreas and stomach for better digestion. It helps to release extra air from the body and relieves gastric issues.

Contra-indications– People who suffer from serious back issues and high blood pressure should avoid.

  • Balasana


Benefits: This asana stretches and strengthens the back muscles. This pose relieves constipation, Gastric issues, and back pain. Shashankasana- A Way to Surrender

Contra-Indications: Not to be performed by people with high blood pressure and slipped disc.



  • Dhanurasana


Benefits: This posture is very useful for lower back muscles and massages the whole abdominal area. Releases the tension from the stomach and respiratory disorders.

Contra-indications: Hernia, High blood pressure, colitis and ulcer should completely avoid. High blood pressure can find a cure here:- Yoga and Home remedies for “High Blood Pressure”


  • Shalbhasana


Benefits: It tones and balances the functioning of the liver, stomach, bowels and other abdominal organs and stimulates the appetite. Tightness the muscles from the abdominal area.

Contra-indications- Should not be practiced by people with weak heart, Coronary thrombosis, hernia, ulcer, intestinal tuberculosis, and high blood pressure.


  • Bhujangasana


Benefits: This asana helps in toning the ovaries and massages the whole abdomen area including kidney and liver. It stimulates the appetite and alleviates constipation.

Contra-indications: People suffering from ulcer, hernia and serious back condition should only practice in guidance.

  • Naukasana


Benefits: This asana stimulates the muscular, digestive, circulatory, nervous and hormonal systems and tones all the organs.



Hare Krishna ❤





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