How Stress affects your Body?|Number of Diseases caused by Stress

We are living in times where almost every person has at least one disease and people are finding ways of living with it. Mindlessly depending upon the number of medicines and steroids. We have reached places and living in the most developed generation in history but, the sickest also.

The young generation is pressuring themselves for the stupidest things and choosing the path of suicidal thoughts at the earliest stage of life. The stats of suicides, depression, anxiety, and mental health issues are increasing so rapidly that we can’t even see the problem actually. We are only finding a cure for it. Just like that, Take a pill.

How stress affects your body?

First, we need to understand that our body has a nervous system that balance and maintain the overall working of our body internally and externally. When we are happy, our body is in healthiest state and when we get sad our body is in the worst state. How?

Our nervous system creates that extra energy whenever we get angry, disappointed or sad to fight with the situation and win but, that extra energy creates a rise in our body glucose level and blood pressure unnecessarily.

Early men/women body was doing great without any disease because it was meant to fight for life and hunt. They spent their energy in livelihood. Today, that energy gets stored in our body because you cannot kill someone for giving you stress. It ends up building in and form a disease. Every disease has something relating to your mental condition.

Number of Diseases caused by tension or stress:

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Indication and Signs of Stress or Tension

Main causes of Mental tension or Stress

There are many causes of mental disturbance and tension depend from people to people. It also depends upon the environment they live in and the family background. Sometimes it is also based on heredity factors. Sharing some main and common causes of stress in your body and mind.

  • Not following your Heart

Doing something you don’t love or enjoy is a waste of time and energy. Either make it enjoyable or leave it. Life is too short to live under pressure and do not let your heart be open. Breathe deeply and live every minute of it. It’s okay if you have less, that’s actually big 🙂

  • Comparison with other lives

Life has become so much comparing and judging others lives that we forget to enjoy it. There is nothing you can have that will complete you, despite you. You are enough and unique in this world. Appreciate this life and smile.

  • Negative Attitude

In this world there is nothing good or bad only thinking makes it so. Our perception attributes goodness and evil inside us. We create our own reality and attract the goodness in our lives. Think happy thoughts.

  • Fear of Failure

We all fear something and its an illusion of what could go wrong if we failed badly? Imagine the choices you have made if you won’t fear of falling. There is nothing wrong in falling, you will learn and grow. Keep doing what you like.

  • Failure in sexual and love relationships

Being cheated on, rejection or failure in a relationship sometimes left the deepest wounds that cannot be treated easily but, Only love the energy to fill those cuts with life again. Healing does take time, surrender and acceptance but the other side is so beautiful. Keep your chin high and face reality. You worth abundance. ❤

  • Less real and more Virtual life

Living a real life is so hard these days that people tend to spend their half day looking, comparing, judging and letting thoughts of others affect them and their life unconsciously. Be more aware of where you put your precious energy into and live mindfully.


Hope this will help.🙏

Breathe ❤

Hare Krishna🌿💫🌞


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