Resting Isn’t wasting| Learn to Rest your Mind and Body

REST- Recharge Evolve Shine and Transform

Learn to rest, it is so important. As work, exercise and other things are necessary for good health, so is relaxation. After eating and a long period of the hard work body demands rest. A person is exhausted by hard work, mental tension or emotional trauma recovers his/her energy and strength by resting.

There is no better remedy of exhaustion than rest. Both mental and physical rest is required to live a better and happy life. In our society, today rest is not appreciated and taken as a sign of laziness or weakness. Is that true?

Absolutely not! In this race of running and achieving we forget to cherish this life. Spending our days in worrying, Wishing and working on our dreams, wants and necessities that we forgot to rest and simply be in this moment of life. Taking this life for granted and Believing that this will not be going to end one day. No one is immortal and the hourglass is upside down for everyone.


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Ways you can recharge yourself:

  • Sleep

Sleeping is the best means of rest. It helps you recover from the loss whether it is mental or physical. Your body works to heal you completely in sleep. Everyone needs a night of sleep and one should sleep 6 hours a day without getting interrupted. Sleep on time and do not change your sleep schedule, Give it a priority.

  • Meditate

Generally, people rest physically but mental rest is far from them. For a while you can stop giving rest to your body but, your mind needs rest to work. Mind and body work together in a matter to give each other energy and happy life.

What is meditation?

  • Shut down the world

Off your phone, Log out from social media, Avoid spending time on TV, Laptop and all other things that take your energy and pour it into the outside world. Save it for a while and spend time with yourself, nature and love ones only. Be in the moment and breathe 🙂

Spending time with nature gives you the ultimate bliss of mind and body you know why? Because you yourself are nature and it is like getting back home.

Why do we feel good with Nature?| How spending time in nature helps you?

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  • Mindful breathing

Believe me! Mindful breathing for at least 5-10 minutes a day will relax your whole body. You can do it anywhere. Yes! on your office table too. Stop your work for a while. Sit comfortably. Close your eyes and breathe mindfully. Breathe is the link between your mind with your body. Breathe deep and no one can steal your peace from you.

  • Savasana

Yoga helps you relaxing the whole body and if you are not feeling like moving then you can practice mindful stretches, openings, and savasana. Be present on the mat and surrender yourself to this magical universe. You are here, You are enough and You are alive. Celebrate your life today. ❤


Hare Krishna 🙂


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