Freedom from Tension and Stress|9 effective ways to say Bye-Bye to Stress

Without wasting a single minute, Here are the simple, super effective and gentle ways to say bye-bye to stress and not just deal with it. One should never deal with the stress and always show it the way out of your mind and body. We can be free in this world but, in mind, anyone could be caged and freedom from stress and tension is necessary to live a happy life. Stressful life is never a happy life because come on! we all know how bad it could be to our mental and physical health.

Learn more about stress and it’s dangerous effects on health How Stress affects your Body?|Number of Diseases caused by Stress

Positive Attitude towards life

Believe it or not! A negative mind can never give you a positive life. Stop feeding your energy to unnecessary negative thoughts, people and situations. You will have what you pour your energy to, Positive things will happen once you start paying attention to what’s good and not on what’s bad could happen. Start your day with positive thought and Stress will fly out of your window. How to develop a positive attitude towards Life?| 18 simple ways to be positive every damn day


Good things come to those who sweat because why not?! It is proven that exercise can help you release stress and cure it fully. It could be of any kind Jogging, Running, Cardio and the best Yoga. While you workout you release the chemical substance from the brain that helps you relax your whole body and mind. Say yes to that feeling of joy Every Damn Day!!! Easy and Effective Yoga poses for full-time workers| Yoga for Tired Body and Mind


Whatever you hold is holding you down. Forgiveness will not change the past for sure but, it will enlarge your future. Let it all go. There is life ahead for you and every day is a new opportunity. Holding it down will give you pain and toxic thoughts. Free yourself from this undeserving pain. Forgive and breathe.

Practice Gratitude

Whatever you have today is a dream for someone. It’s not always about the money, wealth or fame but, simply this life. This is the best gift you have and you should cherish it every day. Why? Because every moment spent here can be the liveliest in times. You are the blessed child of this universe and use this beautiful journey in joy and love and not waste in useless stress. 🙂

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Spend time in Nature

Nature is us and we are nature as simple as that. Spend time in nature and you will heal yourself completely. It helps you release all those stress and tension giving elements from the body. Do gardening, Smell flowers, Watch trees, Observe birds and there are millions more. Breathe my love. ❤ Why do we feel good with Nature?| How spending time in nature helps you?


Meditation is not like going places and meditate on the hills, not like leaving everything behind and went in search of Samadhi. Meditation is as simple as breathing but, it takes time and all your attention. You just need to watch your breath giving your life every moment. Mediation helps you become you and more you every day. What is meditation?

Food Choices

We are what we eat. If you eat mindfully you will notice every change food causes to your body both mentally and physically. Observe your food choices and how they affect you. Eat food which has life inside it like fruits and vegetables that will give a sense of joy and lightness and not some dead flesh of innocent animals. It will never give you satisfaction. Make changes and you will see the difference. 19 Healthiest Food To Add In Your Day-Today Meal|Top Nutritious Fruits and Vegetables for Hydration


Learn to rest. It is as much important as your work. It’s okay to feel tired and asking for help. Rest will provide you energy both mentally and physically to deal with the situations better and with more focus. Take care of yourself as you take care of others. You are important too. Show some love to yourself and relax. 🙂

Resting Isn’t wasting| Learn to Rest your Mind and Body

Mindful Breathing

Breath has the most powerful force of this world and it is the only thing we have until we die and rest in peace. Take 5-10 minutes in a day and breath deeply. Feel your warmth and remind yourself daily that Life is happening and you will make every day worth with your big smile and love energy. ❤



Hare Krishna 🙂




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