Everything about Fasting|Ways, Requirements, and Benefits of Fasting

Fasting is a part of and a super beautiful way of life. This is an ancient and effective means of maintaining good health or restore the best health possible. That is why it is necessary for well and unwell too. As it has exceptional importance from the health point of view, and it has also got a place in all religious folds. Hindu perform fasting as a ritual. Fasting benefits are amazingly fruitful in today’s life.

The religious implications of fasting could be various, but the most aim is to eradicate the disease from the body. For diseased, it is like a Life-saving drug.

Lately, doctors in the west have also positively supported it, that the effect of medicines worth thousands of rupees is the same as the derived from fasting for a while.

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Ways of Fasting

Simply do not take any type of food the whole day from sunrise to another sunrise. You can drink water as much as your body requires. Lemon juice can be taken. If one is unable to fast completely? may take fruits and vegetable juices throughout a day.

Fasting can be done for a day or many days. Everyone should fast once a week. A longer period of fasting is depended upon the various disease and body condition with the proper directions.

Never break a fast by eating solid(heavy) food all of a sudden. Orange juice, Sweet lemon juice, Grape juice or some other fruit or vegetable juice should be taken.

A short duration fast could be broken by eating fruits. These days people breakfast by eating heavy foods which prove harmful rather than beneficial.

Requirement while Fasting

Air- While fasting fresh air with maximum oxygen should be inhaled for full benefits to destroy fifth in the body.

Bath and Cleanliness- While fasting filth from within settles down on the skin pores, mouth, nose, ears, and reproductive organs. That is why bathing and maintaining cleanliness is necessary. The tongue and teeth should be cleaned a number of times during the day.

Clothes- While fasting and also otherwise clothes are worn should be light, made of cotton and airy.

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Photo by Artem Beliaikin @belart84 on Pexels.com

Exercise- While fasting exercise only as much as you can bear, like a walk, light exercise, etc.

Enema- While fasting for internal cleaning enema is essential.

Mental Effects- While fasting does not permit any kind of worry, guilt, anger, fear, disappointment or complication to bother you.

Sunshine- While fasting the body must be exposed to the sunshine in the morning for 15-20 minutes.

Silence- While Fasting maintaining silence is beneficial.

Rest- While fasting there should be mental and physical rest.

Dry rubbing- While fasting rubbing the whole body is very useful.

{Note- There is some disease that prohibits fasting example Diabetes and Tuberculosis.}

Benefits of Fasting


This the main purpose of fasting “Detoxifying”. Our energy gets utilized in extracting elements causing ailments in the body, relieved from the task of digestion. We know the process of digestion is continuously going on in our body.

The nourishing is continuously going in our body. The nourishing elements of food get assimilated in the form of flesh, marrow, blood, etc. and remaining stuff is excreted out in the form of stool, urine, and cough. Even then some of the contaminated waste remains in the body and gradually accumulates to create toxins and cause diseases. To take out these toxins from the body we resort to fasting. When we eat food the work of excreting is neglected.

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Strengthen the organs

Fasting provides strength to organs. Churning takes separate place in the body. Nourishing products get separated and reach strong tissues of the body. Waste product and accumulated toxins flow into the excretory organs, to take them out of the body get fulfilled.

Provide Rest to Body

While you fast, you give rest to the digestive organs including the stomach, small intestines, large intestines, etc, Your body will do other works done like healing the defected organs and remove all the impurities from the body.

Clean the System

While fasting cleaning of the body takes place all by itself. Germs breeding in toxins within our body causing disease take their nourishment from the food we consume. Most of these germs, fungi, and bacteria cannot survive without food for a long time. Fasting gets these germs to starve and start perishing. This way diseases of abdomen get cured easily.

{ A person takes a fully balanced and uncooked diet need not fast as much as the one who eats heavily. For a person consuming a diet full of fats and proteins, fasting is a must.}


Hare Krishna ❤


  1. Thank you so much for this. Fasting is such a powerful tool for healing. These tips and guidelines will help me a lot next time I get around to doing a fast! Have a good weekend! ✨

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  2. The matter seems authentic and sounds great. But as a person of science, I request you to add links (science or scriptures like Ayurveda) that can backup your claims. This helps an earnest seeker to faithfully and peacefully follow such golden suggestions. I like your blog. Filled with many useful data for a everyday householder. Thanks for the service of good intent. 🙏


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