Impact of Thoughts on our Health|Choose to Live Mindfully

Thoughts- An idea or opinion produced by thinking after seeing or feeling something. As simple as that, as complicated it can make our life. We see thousands of things in a day and every time we see or feel something we capture it as an image in our mind. A mind is a powerful tool and with the right use of it, we can do wonders in our life. It has an immense amount of storage and memory to store every damn thing!

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In simpler words, Thoughts are like clouds. You’ve generated them with your own consciousness but, it’s up to you to make them your reality. Choose them or let them go… All your game.

Thoughts create Anger, Fear, Lust, Selfishness, Dissatisfaction, Envy, Illness, Arrogance, Greed, and Worries. Of course, they can produce Love, Kindness, Compassion, Joy, Happiness, and Gratitude as well. Choose them wisely because they will affect your body. “Your body hears everything your mind says”

Every person is diffrent and types of thoughts affect them differently. It also depends on the traits like Personality, Environment, Work and Nature of a being.

Example- If I am a egotist person and Early morning I woke up. First thing I reminded myself is the insult I had faced yesterday at work and decides to take revenge. All my day spent in the negative thoughts about people and work. Sooner or later It will affect my body because my mind hears everything. It knows that I have a more important battle to fight in my mind that in the other bodily functions like Digestion, healing and Monthly cycles (In women). Believe me! Our body pays attention to every single action.

But, It may or may not affect me. It completely depends on the person I’ve become and what triggers me mentally. Little emotions are always good for the very purpose of life.

Let me share some really extreme and possible disease that plays very important role in our overall health if, you are taking too much of it.

Worries, Tension, and Stress

These above-mentioned things are super contributed to make you sick. Usually with the chronic disease’s condition which will demand changes in lifestyle, mindset, and diet. Tension and stress played their role in every disease you can name. This is the first thing to do and take control over to live a happy healthy lifestyle. Learn more here Freedom from Tension and Stress|9 effective ways to say Bye-Bye to Stress

Common Diseases caused by stress are High blood pressure, Heart diseases, Diabetes and Insomnia.

Fear and Anger

Many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears. Fear is an emotion that releases the chemicals that cause a racing heart, fast breathing and energized muscles. Without any use of it, that energy gets stored inside the body in a form of fluid and our mind becomes more stressful. This is the reason we usually feel good after a good walk, run, workout and breakdown. Spending that energy in something will make a difference.

Common Disease caused by Fear is- Greying of hair, Early aging, Weak heart, Obesity, and Migraine.

Greed and Jealousy

It can drive people crazy and will never end. It is not a financial issue, it is a heart issue that keeps asking you for more. Greedy people will never be satisfied and suffer. Even if they get what they want.

Common disease caused by Greed- Ingestion, Loose motions, High blood pressure, and paralysis.

Disappointment and Regrets

After being disappointed many times in life, we become hopeless in life. If we are disappointed with ourselves we choose to regret our own decisions and slowly we become our worst friend, we choose to put ourselves down in every aspect of life. The one who is not happy with himself, will not be happy with anyone.

Common diseases caused by Disappointment- Autoimmune Diseases, Anxiety, Depression, Panic attacks. 

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How to be happy and healthy?

Accept yourself, Accept others, Choose love, Pay attention to your thought, Breath mindfully and for more? Read here… How to attract Happiness in your life?| Why no one is completely Happy?|Happiness is a State of Mind

Hare Krishna ❤


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  1. Thoughts are uncontrollable. They are like monkeys. The moment you try to control, they counteract w.r.t. our wish/desire. But, the moment we heed a blind eye and observe, they vanish like a silent monkey. This is my observation.

    Your article is good in pointing out the problem of present day gen. Good one.

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