Chronic and Acute disease| How Naturopathy works over Diseases?

Diseases can be categorized into two parts:

  1. Chronic Disease
  2. Acute Disease

Acute Diseases

When nature takes out toxins accumulated within the body then it is called an acute disease like Fever, Loose motion, Vomits, Cough, Cold, etc. While suffering from an acute disease the symptoms usually are of loss of appetite, bitter taste of mouth, dirty tongue, sore throat, blisters in the mouth, slight fever and headache, etc.

Acute diseases are our friend and not foes because they clean up the body of the accumulated toxins and protect us against chronic disease. We should observe fast, apply mud pack on the stomach, get enema and take proper rest.

If the acute disease is suppressed with medicines then the body gets afflicted by chronic disease later on.

Chronic Diseases

When toxins are not taken out of the body then their quantity increases then they can manifest themselves in the form of chronic disease. The name of the diseases could be different but the cause is the same and the treatment is also the same, i.e detoxification of the body.

How to Purify your Blood?| Detox your Blood Naturally

For this fasting and intake of juices, fruits and uncooked food is recommended. Other natural means through which the body can be cleansed should be adopted.

As long as the cause of the disease is not extracted, no medical treatment can cure the patient completely.

If the patient does not have full faith in the treatments then it is not fully efficacious. Through naturopathy, every disease can be cured but the response each patient depends on his her internal state.

Reasons for the accumulation of toxins

  1. Lack of a Balanced diet on a regular basis.
  2. Imbalance of alkali and acid in our food. What are Alkaline and Acidic foods?| How to balance Alkaline and Acid in your body?
  3. Consumption of unmatchable and contradictory food items.
  4. Spicy, heavy and fibreless food.
  5. A habit of Overeating.
  6. Consumption of intoxicating food and products like- alcohol.
  7. Working beyond one’s physical or mental capacity and not taking adequate rest. Resting Isn’t wasting| Learn to Rest your Mind and Body
  8. Too much anger and fear.
  9. Depression and anxiety.
  10. Lack of physical work.
  11. Heredity.
  12. Suppressing natural elements like sneezing, urination, excretion, hunger, sleep, thirst, etc.
  13. Environment factors like Pollution.
  14. Negative nature. How to develop a positive attitude towards Life?| 18 simple ways to be positive every damn day

How naturopathy works over Diseases?

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The specialty of naturopathy treatment is that it does not suppress the disease and extricates it from its roots. During the treatment, accumulated toxins are released in the form of loose motions, cold, cough, etc.

That doesn’t mean it is not suiting you but, that is the expression of treatment. Various patients give up their treatment and resort to medicines but, it is a huge mistake.

Various methods of treating are:

  • Therapy
  • Detoxification
  • Balanced Diet.
  • Cleansing
  • Reviving mental and physical health.

Hare Krishna ❤

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