Little Gratitude can change everything| Practice Gratitude every day

Long ago…There was a man named Prasad. He’s was a farmer and lives with her wife and old mother. Living simply he had never spent his day worrying or wondering about the better life he “Can” have. Prasad likes to take care of his mother and love his wife no matter what. The only motive he has was- Live in this moment and now.

At the same time. There was a man named Roshan. He used to live with his wife too. He was so rich and being an owner of large business, he always spends his day in making things more worthy. Having no time or very little time for his wife. He likes to invest his money all the time to double it and never had a moment of stillness in his life. Miserably unknown to this fact that the only things he is earning are “Money”.

It’s simpler to understand my concerns behind making up this story because there are actually many “Roshan” and very less “Prasad”. Both came in this world with nothing and will leave it without a single thing but, it’s a little gratitude that makes Prasad millions of times wiser than any other person.

Gratitude is a key to happiness and a state of being. Nowadays it’s so hard to find peace in this chaos. Where the world is going crazy… many of us think that Running for more is the only way of life and that’s how we die Rich with some digits. Is this is the real reason you were born for? Think about it. Being successful is something everyone desires of but, it’s you who chose the definition of “Success” in your dictionary.

You can be successful with two times meal a day and love by your side only. ❤

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To me,

Gratitude is something that safeguards you even you feel stuck in some stupid thoughts.

Gratitude gives you a sense of freedom to live this life on your own terms without getting influenced by the outside world because you are born with everything you are seeking.

Gratitude makes you confident about your decisions and steps as whatever can happen. You will always have something to cherish.

Gratitude makes life simpler but, not lazier. Yes! It’s the gratitude that gives you the power to make this journey beautiful and, not to make it useless.

Belittle more grateful for what you have, what you believe in and, what you own. It’s a wonderful world out there for those who choose to see the beauty in just being.

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Hare Krishna 💫🌿💙✨❤


  1. Very well put young lady, you’re a Mom first, a Wife second, “How are you going to serve my Family? If you change the variables, you’re in trouble. The gratitude is in your Creation and realizing that every day. You serve no one but comprise with others.

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