Money is NOT everything| Be Rich in LIFE

In today’s era, Money is something very important, necessary and useful…it has always been something for which people are killed and could kill. It’s one dangerous and valuable thing that can make your life luxuries, materialistic, easy, miserable and unaware. We all know how “Money” plays an important role in our lives. Sometimes more than real lives.

Clearly taking both the advantages and disadvantages on going mad for money but, I see more disadvantages because for money people are selling or buying anything and making new things they might won’t ever need. Global warming and Animal abuses are the biggest mishappenings caused by money (If we go in depths).

“Money is a thing but, not everything.”💵

We have been taught, seen and manipulated since birth about “how money is so important?” Without money, you are powerless, unheard, unimportant and unsuccessful. Is it really true? Or they are just perceptions of life? Such a wonderful yet, difficult topic to reveal. I’m doing my best every day to understand it widely and with my whole mindfulness.

Have you heard of this thought that “You are what you think and you become where you put your energy”? I’ve never read anything simply this truthful in life.🌿

If you will work for money, all you will have is money. Many people might be thinking here like, you know what? “That’s what I need!” Yeah! Gotcha but, do you see how these little pieces of paper making your life unconscious and unaware of the truth that it’s not what you were born for. For better understanding we all know how we human got birth on this planet and what we have is NOW and NATURE.

Money came later where the population increases and some inner devilish things takes existence like Comfort, Greed, Superiority, Selfishness and many others. Simply a way to exchange things and buy things we can’t make so we pay others to make it. Not a big theory to understand but, such a huge level of stupidity to make your life roam around things. Only THINGS?!.

Money is useful because we cannot do all the work by ourselves, okay I understand. (We might can. It includes growing your food and stitching your clothes). But, mindfulness is all you need to be aware of what’s happening? What these advertisements and big companies are showing you and attracting you for better living while spending those extra hours at work. Clearly not a better living. Stress and tension will make your life worth dying for. I’m sorry but, this is so true. Joyful living doesn’t requires you to be Rich, Powerful or Popular.

You must be thinking about who will pay those hospital bills when you’ll grow old? The answer is NO ONE. You might won’t need to be in hospital if you took good care for your mind, body and planet because, it’s not necessary to leave this world helplessly ill. You can die in peace.🙏


We can make it with two simple things only✨


The most important thing in this life you have is time and energy and not money. Money is useful only. The desires of a man will never be satisfied because he was seeing the results and he thought “He has time”.

If you spend all the time in making things perfect, when will you enjoy living? Constant efforts, limited vacations, and everything planned according to “Money making timetable” is no LIFE!

The world is roaming around dollars but, is it this important?

One more thing, “Money can buy you happiness” this is the new trendy thought of some people. Never believe in trends. Lol! Happiness is not something temporary. Happiness comes from within. It’s you. You can always be sad and live miserably by sitting in that luxurious car you have and you can be happiest in farms growing your own food.

How to attract Happiness in your life?| Why no one is completely Happy?|Happiness is a State of Mind

Is there was one single person died with all his money?

Is there was one single person became immortal?

Is there was one single person bought life with those extra dollars?

Ask yourself these questions before canceling on your family and friends. Remind yourself of these reminders before skipping your hobby. Maybe there are things that give you actual peace and joy in life. What if you will earn less? You will be happier and Rich in LIFE. 🙂


Being mindful will save you from you and this manipulative world.

You can be happy with all you have and what you can make.

Many blessings.

Hare Krishna 💙💛❤



  1. It is so soooo true! I would ad a little jar on the s-drawing though: health. It is probably tho most important and very often we only realize it when we had a wake up call or when it is too late. I have been injured neurologically and am suffering from 2 Co morbid health conditions. No, dont feel sad, at least I realized that I had a wonderful life, carrier, passions, children,…and I do enjoy the tiniest things in life…i realize how rich my life is…and I believe that my daughters got the lesson and are ready to enjoy little things as huge happinesses. Great post!!!! Thank you.

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    1. You are so right! thanks for adding it. I too suffered a lot in past and still going but, I’m happier with what I have and I love people and connections more than anything in life… this is important only ❤ Thank you! Lots of love to your daughters 🙂

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  2. Men change the climate of your Mother’s land from Hot to Cold and abused her like an animal does not take money but power over Her. It will take Her to stand up and overturn the tables of the merchants of men’s thoughts. It will take the young to help India regain Her beauty before men came unto Her to help her stand up again. The Kings from the West will come in time.

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  3. I couldn’t agree more and I have come full circle. Earning a comfortable income to realizing that money wasn’t worth the sacrifices I had to make, including my health.
    Today I collect experiences and make memories that make me feel the richest person in the world. It’s a choice a personal decision I have no regrets about.
    Thank you for sharing this. ❤️ You’re so wise and a beautiful soul. 🙏🏼

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