Basic rules and Guidelines of Yoga practice

Yoga is a beautiful union with self. It is powerful, energetic and life-changing to many people who do yoga practice every day but, to avoid the unwanted effects there are some basic rules and guidelines in a yoga practice that everyone should keep in mind.

Let’s acknowledge rules we should follow in yoga:

  • Yoga and meals

Do not eat immediately after doing asana or vice versa. Have meals after an hour of doing asanas or perform asanas after at least three hours of having a meal. A gap in between your meal and yoga practice is very important for your body. You can sip a small cup of water before, during and after the asanas. The body should be hydrated enough to practice asana and your lips shall never dry while practicing yoga asana. Yogasana should be performed after passing stool on an empty stomach to avoid unnecessary pressure on the abdomen that can cause a disturbance in your digestive system like- Vomit, gastric issues, acidity, etc.

  • Time

Time should be appropriate for yoga practice according to your body resting hours and working hours. Honestly, I personally feel that yoga should be done with the sunrise or sunset. Sunrise yoga help you wake up your body and makes you feel active and energized through out the day. Sunset yoga will relax your body after the whole day of work and you will sleep better 😉 It should not be done when your body needs rest, you can do some stretching to release the tension but, not intense yoga practice. Listen to your body. It will guide you the best. Try to practice at the same time everyday so that, your body understand the schedule and it also gives it enough time to recover. Do not forget to take rest whenever needed.

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  • Place

Asana should be performed in the open, relaxing, calm and peaceful environment so that you feel comfortable and undisturbed. Choose a place close to nature where you can get the fresh air and feel grounded. It is necessary because of deep inhalations. If doing it inside the roof, make sure it’s clean, dry and open. You can place a small plant inside and light up an incense stick for the mood. Basically, do what makes you feel comfortable and helps you connect to yourself.

  • Clothes

Asana should be done with fewer clothes possible. Do it bare body if you can. It should not be done in those expensive tight and breathless leggings. Use breathable clothes and if possible wear cotton clothes. It should be loose enough so that your body is allowed to move freely. Body generates a certain kind of energy while doing dynamic yoga practice. Let all the tension, fear and burden come out from your tiny pores. Breathe freely. Live freely.

  • Safety

Asana should be done on a carpet or mat. Many times you can hurt yourself while pressuring your body towards the mat. Injuries are also very common in practicing yoga without any supported bottom especially in the beginning when you are gaining balance and control over your body parts.

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  • Cleanliness

Before doing asanas have a bath. One who sweats too much should bathe after half an hour of doing yoga practice. It is suggested to never bathe while you are sweating. It imbalance the body temperature. First, cool down your body than step inside the water.

  • Right asana

Choose asana according to your body type, diseases(if any) and mental state. Example- one should not practice intensive asana with a tired body and instead of that, should practice asana which requires less energy but gives some deep relaxation to your mind and muscles. Easy and Effective Yoga poses for full-time workers| Yoga for Tired Body and Mind

  • Sequence and focus

Practice asana with both sides of your body with an equal amount of time period. While doing deep backbend and forward bends, must maintain the balance on the spinal cord and should not be in the hurry of reaching the final position. It will come with dedication, patience, and breath.

  • Cooldown

Savasana. It is very important to do savasana after your yoga practice for at least 5 minutes. Learn to do savasana correctly and you will feel the bliss of yoga. It is one beautiful way of calming the body and normalize your breathing with conscious awareness.

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Hare Krishna 🦋

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