How to develop a positive attitude towards Life?| 18 simple ways to be positive every damn day

Life is full of ups and downs and I don’t have to prove you how negative thoughts and situation could be around us in a day to day life. We all seek positivity and that’s the only way we can be feel happy and sense of calmness all the time.

What if I tell you… Its all within only. Only you can change your world completely by being that extra positive towards life. Unbelievable things will happen once you change your thoughts.

Without wasting your time for one another minute, let’s share 20 amazing tips, ways and reminders with you to be that source of amazing energy.

  1. Remember situations with extreme conflicts are a true test for human beings.

  2. Remember a critic is our friend and does good for us in life, that criticism makes us alert that we should work more efficiently.

  3. Remember every circumstance is a new opportunity to learn something new, don’t take it for granted. Cherish every moment.

  4. Everything has a dual meaning; Adapt whichever is good and let go of the negative one.

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  5. Remember failure is necessary, without going down you cannot taste the awesomeness of heights.

  6. Accept changes with wide open arms, they are the only way of life.

  7. Do not look at the faults always, look for the positive aspects of a situation as well as a person’s.

  8. Choose the work that makes you happy rather than that pays you some extra pounds.

  9. Whenever you meet someone, Do not talk about the sorrows and the problems of life. Be with them for the moment and share happiness.    

  10. Take Interest in other’s thought as welcome the other ideas.

  11. Place yourself in the other person’s situation and then decide.

  12. Ignore small bad things and focus on small good things.

  13. Practice gratitude every day, What you have is always good.

  14. Develop the habit of encouraging others.

  15. Watch your words for others as well as for yourself. 

  16. Read good books, Watch good movies, Spend time with the people who always give you something to learn.

  17. Whenever a negative thought comes, say “NO” and change it into a positive one.

  18. Take long deep breathes whenever you feel negative and remind yourself goodness.

  19. Smile at yourself in the mirror every day after waking up and going back to sleep.

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  20. Every night before going to sleep remind yourself “I am alive and I will make tomorrow more beautiful”



Wishing you loads and loads of positivity…

Hare Krishna 🙂



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