Sankirtan Yoga- Mode of Bhakti Yoga

Sankirtan yoga means chanting Deity’s name with feelings (Bhava), Love (Prema) and Faith (Shraddha).  The greatest and most powerful energy is in his name. It is considered as the destroyer of all sins.- Sarva paapa pranaasanam.

In Sankirtan yoga people join together and sing lord’s name effectively in a commonplace. Sankirtan is one of the modes of Bhakti Yoga.

Kirtan chanting is done traditionally using Sanskrit mantras. A mantra helps in cleansing the toxic thoughts from your mind with the vibrations and sounds. The Sanskrit language holds the most vibrational chords of this universe. Different mantras have a different purpose behind chanting it and believe that by repeating any of the Holy Names of the lord that you imbibe the qualities of the Creator. Different Names refer to different qualities.

You can realize the presence of the Supreme Lord through kirtan alone. This is the easiest method for attaining consciousness in Kaliyuga.

There is a believed story regarding this “Once Narada asked Lord Narayana,” Which sadhna will help the ordinary people in the most sinful yuga of the yugas. Lord replied in Kaliyuga he will not reside in front of the people, nor in the heart of great sages, but dwell where my devotees sing my name with love in their heart and consciousness in their minds.”

In India, Kirtan is very accepted by people and they do it often. It is believed that Kirtan destroys sins and fills the heart with love and devotion. Brings the devotees to face to face with the supreme lord.


Quote From Shri Bhagavad Geeta:

Arjuna, whosoever always and constantly thinks of me,

with the undivided mind,

to that yogi whoever absorbed in me,

I am easily attainable.


Chant Krishna and be happy! 🙂

Hare Krishna











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